The final round of the biggest edition of the Sustainable Investment Challenge has come to an end: the final podium has been released and you can download in this page the top players strategy reports and discover how they approached the challenge. 

This Challenge has been brought to you by  Reply, in collaboration with Banca Generali, MIP Politecnico di Milano, CFA Society Italy, and Main Street Partners

A team of investment experts from Reply (the Titanium Team), have designed our maiden challenge for finance lovers to teach you how to invest sustainably.


After a tough first online round where players battled for 2 weeks, only the 100 best traders made it to the finals: they competed from 12th to 14th May to win a MacBook Pro, an iPad Air, and Airpods Pro.


Re-live the final webinar with our sponsors on our ReplyU youtube page.


Let's crunch some numbers from the first round:

  • 14.600 new registered to the platform 
  • from 91 Countries! 
  • 73.318 trades
  • $ 1.965 Mln (worth of asset bought)

The players had to put themselves into a Financial Adviosors shoes, whose client wants his investments to be as sustainable as possible, but of course, profitable too! 

So they had to demonstrate they are the best at making profits while choosing the best ESG rated companies.

Each day Reply experts gave hints that players can follow in order to improve their strategy, on a dedicated trading platform.

Daily and global rankings showed P/L with some bonus/malus applied according to the algorithm formula, which has been slightly changed for the finals.


Challenge stats

Quotes from external editions participants

"Building your own strategy and approaching to the real markets: for a student is a key experience, because for the first time you can learn by practice how the markets works and not just reading it on the books"

Cristian s.

Investment challenge PLAYER

"The learning materials were really useful, especially for me as I had never get into investing before."

Marco a.

 Investment Challenge PLAYER

"In my opinion it was not simply the impersonation of an investor with a budget of 1 million dollars (which is quite amazing by itself), but mostly the susinability element that would lead us. And last but not least, the chance of learning more and directly about how the market works."


 Investment Challenge PLAYER,