The biggest edition of the Sustainable Investment Challenge, brought to you by  Reply, in collaboration with Banca Generali, MIP Politecnico di Milano, CFA Institute, and Main Street Partners has come to the end of the first online round. 

A team of investment experts from Reply (the Titanium Team), have designed our maiden challenge for finance lovers to teach you how to invest sustainably.


Players from all over the world battled from 19th to 30th April and the best 100 traders will access the finals on 12th-14th May. Up for grabs a MacBook Pro, an iPad Air and Airpods Pro.


Re-live the final webinar with our sponsors on our ReplyU youtube page.

Let's crunch some numbers:

We collected 14.600 new registered to the platform 

from 91 Countries! :D What a great challenge! 

The players had to show they are the best at making profits while choosing the best ESG rated companies. Each day Reply experts gave hints that players can follow in order to improve their strategy, on a dedicated trading platform.

Daily and global rankings showed P/L with some bonus/malus applied according to the algorithm formula.

Here's the brief they had to work on:


You are a Financial Advisor and in two weeks you will meet your most important client who wants to review his portfolio performance. At the moment his portfolio is constituted by US$1 million cash you have to invest and you know that he is very passionate about sustainability and related topics.

To support the discussion during the meeting, the client asked you to review with him an ESG report from an independent third party: profits you generated will be considered more valuable if related to trades on companies with a good ESG outlook, while the client will blame you for earnings on companies with a low ESG profile.


The ESG report is not yet available, but to help you in these two weeks, the Rating Company will provide you with some daily indiscretions (made available in your game calendar) as well as with a weighted review of you P&L that will reflect the client appreciation of your work. This will be published on a daily basis in the leaderboard.


Good luck and remember, the customer satisfaction will be influenced by ESG level of his portfolio: better ESG outlook, higher satisfaction.


Buy good, sell bad!


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