Rules - Reply Creative Challenge 2019

Registrations are open from 8th April until 9th May at 23.59 CEST.
Participants must be aged from 18 years old the day of the challenge (10th May) and external to Reply Organization.
Participants must be in a team in the category they want to play. Teams can have two, three or four people, but this can’t change once the registrations are closed on May 9th at 23.59 CEST.

During the registration phase you can: You can team up or change your team between April 8th, 2019 and 9th May, 2019 – 23.59 CEST. Enrolment after this deadline won’t be accepted, except if there’s an extension, which would be announced via platform.
Your team will submit the idea, according to the format specified in the category brief, through the Reply’s challenge platform.
The five categories of the Creative Challenge are:
The brief (for each category) will be in English and will be published on the platform starting from 16:30 CEST on 10th May, 2019: each team will be able to download only the brief corresponding to the category chosen.
Each brief will detail all the information necessary to produce the related Project, including technical features (e.g., format, maximum file size, etc.) and the evaluation criteria.
If less than 5 Teams will apply for a specific Category, the Challenge for that Category will not take place and the Team will be able to join the Challenge in a different Category.
If this happens, Reply will send an e-mail (to all Registered User who set up the related team involved in that situation) offering the possibility to select a different category and extending – only for those teams, the time limit to complete the enrolment.
Your project must be submitted within 12th May, 2019 – 16:30 CEST, after which the platform will no longer accept any uploads. Your will be able to submit one Project, only for the category chosen.
For the whole duration of the challenge it will be possible to send a request to the Reply Jump! Team through the chat feature offered by the platform in case of doubts, questions or need of support.
Each project will be evaluated by the Jury within 31st May, 2019. The Jury members will select one Project for each category for a total of five finalist teams.
Each participant who is a component of the finalist team will be informed by email and will be required to send, within 10 days and via email, a copy of his/her own identity document in order to verify the current correspondence with the information provided at the time of registration to the Platform.

The brief, published on your team page the day of the challenge (10th May), will contain all the details about the deliverables, the requirements, the format to use and the evaluation criteria the Jury members will take into account. The project and the material must be written in English.
You can ask for clarification from the Reply Jump! Team during the challenge via chat. Each member can chat with other teams via chat.
The Jury will evaluate the finalist Project together with the quality of the presentation. The Teams will have the possibility to explain their creative idea and how it has been developed, respecting the 10 minutes time limit. The best idea will be announced soon after the final pitches after a final evaluation from the Jury.
Each member of the team will be our guest in Milan during our event Xchange 2019. Transportation (from main airports or rail stations) to Milan roundtrip, one night in hotel (double room, breakfast included) and meals provided during the Reply Xchange 2019, will be at Reply own expenses.
Each member of the winning team, announced by the Jury on July 3rd, will win a Mac Book ProTM and a Wacom graphic tablet.
We expect every team to have a positive attitude during the contest. No team should prevent other teams from taking part – for instance, by trying to overload the challenge platform, saturating the local Wi-Fi or interfering with devices of other participants. This will lead to disqualification. Similarly, do not try to disturb or distract members from other teams.
Your ideas belong to you and the overall rights are reserved. Reply and all the Brands involved in the Creative Challenge will not be the owner of your projects, except for the winning team as stated in the Terms & Conditions.