FAQs - Reply Code Challenge Standard Edition

1. Who can participate?

The Creative Challenge is an online team competition open to all passionate creatives both students and professionals from 18 years old the day of the challenge (10th May), from all over the world.

2. By registering to the platform, am I registered to the competition?

No, you must create or join a team to compete on 10th-12th May. By registering to the platform you’ll get updates on future online challenges ahead.

3. Is there a registration fee?

No, this Creative Challenge is completely for free.

4. How do I change my registration details?

You can update your registration details at any time by logging onto your profile and clicking on “Edit profile”, or follow this link.

5. How do I cancel my registration?

You can send your cancellation request to challenges@reply.com.

6. Is it an online only competition?

No, the challenge is not only an online competition. The first phase 10th–12th May is online: you’ll work on the brief chosen for 48 hours and you’ll upload your idea on the platform according to the requirements specified in the brief. The jury will evaluate all the works and will announce 5 finalist teams who’ll proceed to the second phase: the final pitches in Milan on July 3rd, where each team will have 10 minutes to present their project and compete for the final prize.

1. How can I form my team?

You need to form a team to compete: log into the platform, click on the “Team up” button on the homepage and select “Create a new team” or “Ask to join a team ”. Choose a team name and invite your friends by filling in their e-mail address and send the invitation. The invited friends will receive an e-mail with your request of joining your team.
In case you ask to join an existing team, you’ll be in “Waiting for confirmation” status until the team creator will accept your request. As soon as this happens, you’ll be automatically redirected to the team page.

2. By forming a team do I have to choose the category in which I want to compete?

Yes, you have to form your team in the category you want to play. You can choose between: Video, Digital Experience, Social, Employer Branding and Digital Branding. We suggest you explore the overview pages of each brand category and choose the one which fits you best.

3. How many people can be in a team?

Your team can have 2, 3 or 4 people. A team of 1 can’t take part in the challenge, so remember to add members to your team.

4. Can I change the composition of my team before the challenge day (10th May)?

You can invite friends, accept or reject the requests to join your team: once confirmed, you can't change any more your teammates. If you want to change, we suggest you to leave your team and form a new one. Please note that when you leave your team all other members will stay in it and won’t receive any notification that you’ve left, so remember to notify them.

5. Can Replyers join my team?

No, you can invite only non-Replyers to your team. Replyers will play in a separate challenge.

1. How will I get updates about the Reply Creative Challenge?

You’ll receive e-mails before and after the challenge, so check your mailbox regularly. You can always write and ask for clarification from the Reply Jump! Team before and during the challenge via the chat you find in your team page.

2. Which language(s) do I need to speak?

All communications and the material you’ll submit as a final project are in English. Among your team you can speak the language of your choice, of course!

1. What browsers are supported?

Latest version of Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari are supported. If you’re not sure what version you have, you can check here.

2. Something is wrong with the platform: what should I do?

Try reloading the page, then try clearing your cache and cookies. If you’re still having issues, please write on chat to the Reply Jump! Team or e-mail us at challenges@reply.com.

1. When will the briefs be published?

On 10th May, at 16.30 CEST, Reply will publish the 5 briefs: each brief will include all the details about the requirements, the format to use and the evaluation criteria the Jury will take into account.

2. Will my team be able to download all the 5 briefs on 10th May?

No, you’ll download only the brief of the category you registered for and you’ll compete using that brief for 48 hours.

1. Which format should we upload?

Each brief will provide all the details about the requirements, the format to use and the evaluation criteria the Jury will take into account.

2. How many projects can I submit?

Your team has to submit only one final project. If you realized you’ve uploaded the wrong version of the project you can upload a new one until 16:30 CEST on 12th May, after which the platform will no longer accept any submissions.

3. How long will the evaluation phase take?

The Jury members will evaluate the projects received according to the criteria mentioned in the related brief and will announce the finalist teams per category (for a total of 5 finalists) by 31st May, 2019.

4. Are Reply or the Brands owners of the creative ideas delivered?

No, your ideas belong to you and the overall rights are reserved. Reply and all the Brands involved in the Creative Challenge will not be the owner of your projects, except for the winning team as stated in the Terms & Conditions.

1. Who wins?

The online phase will produce five finalist teams, one for each category, who will proceed to the second phase, the final pitches on July 3rd in Milan. Those five teams will have the chance to be our guests and will have the opportunity to present their projects in front of the Jury of experts. The best idea will win the final prize.

2. When will the results of the Reply Creative Challenge be announced?

The five finalist teams will receive an e-mail communication with all the details to access to the second phase in Milan on July 3rd.

3. Is the roundtrip to Milan at my own expense?

The finalists will be our guests: transportation (from main airports or rail stations) to Milan roundtrip, one night in a hotel (double room, breakfast included) and meals provided during the Reply Xchange 2019, will be at Reply’s own expense.

4. What is the final prize?

The best idea, announced on July 3rd, will be awarded with a Macbook Pro and a Wacom tablet for each member of the team.

1. Who are the Reply Jump! Team?

The Reply Jump! Team are a group of creative minds, the ones who designed the Creative Challenge and they are responsible for the contacts with the international brands. They may exclude any participants or teams at any time, which don’t follow the rules of the contest.

2. What should I do if someone’s cheating or badly behaving?

We care about having a fair challenge. Never prevent others from taking part – for instance, by overloading the challenge platform or sending files containing malware, viruses or other code designed to interrupt, destroy or limit operation of platform, software, hardware or telecoms equipment. This will result in account cancellation. If you think you spotted bad behavior, e-mail us at challenges@reply.com.