Welcome to our first ever Investment Challenge, brought to you by Banca Generali and Reply, in collaboration with MIP (Politecnico di Milano School of Management).

The first round of the challenge (March 30th - April 9th) is over: what a Challenge! 

We had 8488 registrations, 168.097 trades and 23,6 years as total time spent on BG SAXO. At the end of the challenge, 63% of players had more than 1M €!


Final Podium

The online round of the investment challenge is now over! Players have faced daily inputs which required some trading actions on the BG Saxo platform in order to mitigate their risk. If youre curious, read below the challenge abstract! If youre even more curious have a look and join our webinar appointments.

You are the Finance Officer of Titanium, a European branch of a listed manufacturing company based in the United States, which operates internationally. Alongside other duties, you have to receive revenue and pay suppliers from all over the world, in many currencies, and with all the uncertainties linked to currency exchange. You also have to buy commodities for your company, and handle all other payments and issues related to managing a big company Finance Department day by day. 



Challenge stats

Quotes from participants

"Building your own strategy and approaching to the real markets: for a student is a key experience, because for the first time you can learn by practice how the markets works and not just reading it on the books"

Cristian s.

Investment challenge PLAYER

"The learning materials were really useful, especially for me as I had never get into investing before."

Marco a.

 Investment Challenge PLAYER

"In my opinion it was not simply the impersonation of an investor with a budget of 1 million dollars (which is quite amazing by itself), but mostly the susinability element that would lead us. And last but not least, the chance of learning more and directly about how the market works."


 Investment Challenge PLAYER,