Discover below the finalists team of the Creative Challenge 2022 and the University Students League leaderabord. Lets get ready for the finals in Milan on July 6th! 

For the first year we proposed the university students league where the Jury assigned points to the 10 best teams (according to the table in the rules page) and each University got the points from the team members who declared their University during the registration phase. Congrats to the Politecnico of Milan for the great participation :) 


Welcome to the fourth edition of the Reply Creative Challenge, this year made in collaboration with eight international brands: Unicredit, Richemont, Fonzies, Red Bull, Lavazza, ABB, MAC Cosmetics and Heinemann proposing eight categories:

Customer Experience & Employee EngagementCulture and Employee EngagementBrand ActivationLocal ActivationBrand ExperienceIn-store ExperienceMetaverse

and Customer Experience.

The evaluation has been quite long and intense, bu we finally make it! Please find below the cards of each category with the name of the finalists who will pitch in a final battle in front of the jury on July 6th in Milan during the Reply Xchange

Challenge stats

Discover the categories and the finalist teams!