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Ideas that make the brand come alive

Martini is one of the most prestigious Italian brands in the world. Its legacy of craftsmanship and expertise make it an appreciate companion for several occasions, one above all the happy hour time, the most enjoyable moment to share with friends.

Activate a brand means to bring it to life through experiences that create an emotional bond with custumers. It's about generating awareness, increasing engagement and starting conversations with people.

Brand activations are a very crucial part of building a positive perception of a brand. This can be done through digital content, in-store retail marketing, sponsorships, experiential events and product samplings.

Win a MacBook Pro and Wacom tablet for each member of your team.

  • Passionate, Students or Experts in:
  • Communication

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Graphic Design & Creativity

  • Art & Illustration

Finalist team - the finalist team selected for this category is the Trecento11 team, congrats!

The team will pitch an online final battle with their finalists on July 1st at 4pm CEST - follow us on social media to figure out the agenda. 

And the winner is...the Trecento11 Team! Congrats! Discover more about their idea here.

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