RE-LIVE the chALLENGE & see the winners

Welcome to the third edition of the Reply Cyber Security challenge - Capture the Flag - the team based online competition organised by Reply for young professionals and cyber security enthusiasts from all over the world.  Developed by Replys Cyber Security experts, the challenge is comprised of five gaming categories (Coding, Web, Binary, Crypto and Miscellaneous) in which participants will have to try to solve, in the shortest time possible, security problems and riddles of increasing difficulty. Discover below the winners and their write up files! 



Why two teams in first place? 

Check out the Behind the Scene page and figure it out! You can download the write-up files from the podium or from the leaderboard below. The online challenges will be up in the next hours to let you keep playing. 


Read the abstract below and check out the leaderboard and the score chart in this page. The winning team is the one who finds the highest numbers of flags. 


"There’s a new time travel adventure for R-Boy. His arch-enemy, Zer0, discovers an algorithm that allows him to travel through time. The evil genius decides to use it to change the course of history and become the richest and most powerful being on Earth. Zer0s first trip to the past causes disasters in todays present. R-Boy decides he must stop Zer0.
A chase through time and history begins as R-Boy tries to stop Zer0 by decrypting codes and finding flags."




Challenge stats

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