The Reply Crypto Investment Challenge is over.

5,588 competitors from 128 countries: to all of you, well done!


The titanium team evaluated the reports with the strategies of the top 3 players and confirmed the final podium, you can find the final leaderboard below and download the reports with the rewarded strategies. 



The Titanium team decided to reward two players with the first place, here’s why: after the report analysis, we confirmed the first position for Enrico, a high school student who reached a very good result in term of P&L. At the same time also Stefano produced a very exhaustive report showing a very good strategy, in line with the main goals of this competition.

For different reasons they both deserved the first place. You can download and read their reports. See you for the next edition!


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Quotes from external editions participants

"Building your own strategy and approaching to the real markets: for a student is a key experience, because for the first time you can learn by practice how the markets works and not just reading it on the books"

Cristian s.

Investment challenge PLAYER

"The learning materials were really useful, especially for me as I had never get into investing before."

Marco a.

 Investment Challenge PLAYER

"In my opinion it was not simply the impersonation of an investor with a budget of 1 million dollars (which is quite amazing by itself), but mostly the susinability element that would lead us. And last but not least, the chance of learning more and directly about how the market works."


 Investment Challenge PLAYER,