Welcome to the third edition of the Reply Creative Challenge, the biggest one, this year made in collaboration with nine international brands: AC Milan, Ducati, easyJet, Miele, Mondelez, Pamela Reif, Sky, Telkom and Tuc proposing nine categories: Fan-base activation, Social Media, Digital Customer Experience, Brand Activation, Employee Engagement, Innovation Design, Employer Experience, Digital Gamification and Brand Experience. 


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This idea has been presented during the final round of the Reply Creative Challenge held on July 1st. Each member of the team won a MacBook Pro and a Wacom Tablet. Congrats to the Watermelon Team for the category Digital Customer Experience powered by easyJet: its time to discover their winning idea!


The Digital Customer Experience brief was all about design that delights customers, drives value, and elevates the brand, easyJet. The objective was to define an exceptional digital experience providing more than optimised usability and business value, but also representing the brand as an increasingly important customer touchpoint.


By the Watermelon Team for the Digital Customer Experience category in collaboration with

Choosing your next holiday destination is never easy. There are so many wonderful places in the world to go, but what makes us choose one over another? What really drives us is not the destination itself, but what that place can give us. Or rather emotions or sensations that you can feel on your own skin. Hence the birth of easyDream, a new way to inspire your next travel experience. 

The logic at its base is simple: instead of presenting a list of flights, accommodations or travel solutions, easydream leverages on the users emotional expectations, suggesting different moods through a series of landscapes, sounds and activities. 


The user simply has to like or dislike these moods through the easydream mobile App or website. 
Thanks to the Machine Learning algorithm, the service will present some solutions that match between the user mood and the easyJet current offer, highlighting the experiential value of each. 
Then the user can directly buy this solution from the easyjet website or just save it for later. 


The service will provide the perfect destination just combining moods from all the group members as soon as all of them have done their own swipes. Try this experience with a small prototype :) 

Quote from the Watermelon Team

"During the two days of challenge, we had a great time together, answering to a real brief, created by a real and prestigious brand. The possibility to free our creativity has allowed us to have fun and explore new concepts in many ways without constraints, leading our minds to the final result. Despite the short time, we had the chance to create an idea, capable of being shared with others and presented to an international jury, competing with other amazing teams."

In the end easyDream is about your inner desires, it is about you. It gives you the possibility to have exactly what youre looking for, before even realising it. Cause no one knows what is the best for yourself but your emotions.
What are you waiting for? Set your theme free and live your Dream with the most sensational travel experience you could ever imagine!


ENJOY THE VIDEO and congrats again to the Watermelon Team!

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Quotes from external editions participants

"It was really great, well organised, was amazing to be part of the Reply xchange event and it shows you the extend of the company and how big it is."


May 2019

"I had fun coming up with ideas with my teammate. We were truly able to exercise our skills, more so, do them under time pressure. I appreciate most the learning opportunity we got from participating in this."

CHIARA L., creative player,

May 2021

"The fact you get the chance to go to Milan and be part of the Reply xchange day was in itself a wonderful experience – as was seeing how big the Reply group is and various services it offers."


MAY 2019