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Innovative solutions that improve customer satisfaction

We enable each and every person to create better homes and gardens.
Together with OBI everything is doable -  for each and everyone. We understand the wishes and problems of our costumers and therefore we enable them to realize their projects. Together with OBI our costumers are able to implement and accomplish their individual dream projects so they can be proud of themselves. We inspire our costumers with fresh ideas and give them accompanying advice in the implementation as well as a reliable sense of what is achievable. Even though the costumer doesn’t want to do it on their own, we offer the right solution for any project requested. ALLES MACHBAR MIT OBI

Service Design is about innovative services, creative concepts and new customer experience interfaces within our whole OBI Ecosystem.

By choosing this category you'll have the opportunity to design a completely new service or business model concept starting at the customer journey up to the final proof for a real case study given by OBI.

Win a MacBook Pro and Wacom tablet for each member of your team.

  • Passionate, Students or Experts in:
  • Service Design

  • UX & UI Design

  • Creative Concepts

  • Business Design

  • Innovation Consulting

Registration phase
Explore the overview pages of each category, choose the one you prefer and and form your team to play until May 21st.

On May 22th you will download the brief and compete for the best ideas in the category you registered for.

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