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Activate ABB. Create a phygital experience for the wholesale stores.

The in-store experience is about engaging people and building connections. It conveys brand values through meaningful actions in store, in order to raise awareness around the brand and motivate customers to purchase. It is a strategy that activates the brand.

This is an opportunity to explore new digital languages and engage people, by designing a retail strategy with distinguished visuals, experiences or phygital solutions in store. The goal is to create a groundbreaking way to resonate with wholesalers and installers and shape an ABBverse.

Creatives, students or experts in:

  • - Digital Communication
  • - Marketing & Advertising
  • - UX/UI Design
  • - Digital Product Design
  • - Graphic Design & Art Direction
  • - Innovation

FINALIST TEAM - the finalist team selected for this category is the Masthave team, congrats!

The team will pitch an online final battle with their finalists on July 6th - follow us on social media to figure out the details about the live-streaming of the finals. 

TOP TEAMS: Masthave, StoStudio, Gamma, Spot

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