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Immersive experiences to connect with the brand

 A.C. Milan is a professional football club in Milan. Our new brand identity is built on this unifying A.C. Milan power and passion: the crests distinct oval shape inspires a unified visual language. The form becomes a consistent graphic language filled with expression and focusing on values, the clubs passion, and its fans.
From Milan to the Many.

Fan base activation means to attract people to the brand: whether you’re an A.C. Milan fan or a visiting supporter, the focus is providing everyone with a fantastic experience during live sport, making it more participative and immersive.

The aim is to widen the fanbase towards a target of 14-20 years old, extending the audience due to activities born out of the match emotions. We are pursuing new triggers that cause a sense of belonging: this can be done through content storytelling, supporters activation, adoption of disruptive technologies, AC Milan products (Retail, Academies, Ticketing, ...) and Sponsors.

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