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Inspire Sky employees to promote its products and services

Sky Group Limited is a British media and telecommunications conglomerate, which is a subsidiary of Comcast, and headquartered in London, England. Sky is Europes largest media company and pay-TV broadcaster by revenue (as of 2018) with 23 million subscribers and more than 31,000 employees as of 2019. The company is primarily involved in satellite television, producing and broadcasting.

Employer Branding is about the promotion of a company by the people who work for it. Whether that be through word of mouth, online or to customers. It should be well thought through and ultimately become a strategic, sustainable way to encourage employees to share brand values and messages in an organic way whilst making their working lives better.

By choosing this category you'll have the opportunity to design and develop a creative campaign that recruits and engages a team of internal influencers. These influencers will then be used to help land key messages, from CSR to new products and entertainment to new services, within Sky.

  • Passionate, Students or Experts in: 
  • - Communication
  • - Marketing & Advertising
  • - Graphic Design & Creativity
  • - Brand development
  • FINALISTS TEAM - the finalist team selected for this category is the Creative Minds team, congrats!

The team will pitch an online final battle with their finalists on July 1st - follow us on social media to figure out the agenda.  

TOP TEAMS: Creative Minds, Determine, Ventus.

Surprises are not over, discover the special prizes for the top teams!

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