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Celebrating individuality to connect a global audience

Richemont is the owner of prestigious Maisons, recognised for their excellence in jewellery, watches, fashion and accessories, and distinguished by their craftsmanship and creativity. The Groups unique portfolio also includes leading online distributors that are focused on expert curation and technological innovation to deliver the highest standards of service.  As a family-spirited group, Richemont takes a long term view in nurturing its Maisons and businesses. Maisons such as Cartier, Chloe, Montblanc and Net-A-Porter.

The Group supports them in creating exceptional products, true to their heritage and in line with their values. We help them to thrive in new and existing markets, to set unparalleled standards of service, and to create memorable experiences for today’s highly sophisticated customers, who are at the core of our approach. 
We are united in our constant quest for creativity, innovation, and excellence.

Culture and Employee Engagement is about creating meaningful connections between the brand to it’s employee’s with an aim of creating stronger relationships, trust, and happier people. There is no ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to engaging employees – each company is unique in what they do and how they approach the world of work so getting into the shoes of the audience is really important to landing authentic messages and getting people’s attention. How you communicate and support your people leads to a better company culture so these two often go hand in hand.

By choosing this category, you’ll have the opportunity to design and develop a creative campaign that will engage a global workforce and make connections from all over the world. You will help them to see each other in their unique work environments, demonstrating a variety of roles, skills and talents – in some surprising ways! You will be encouraging employees to demonstrate their uniqueness and individuality, celebrating all the wonderful things that make up their people.

Passionate, Students or Experts in:

  • - Communication
  • - Marketing & Advertising
  • - Graphic Design & Creativity
  • - Brand development

FINALIST TEAM - the finalist team selected for this category is the Flat 27 team, congrats!

The team will pitch an online final battle with their finalists on July 6th - follow us on social media to figure out the details about the live-streaming of the finals. 

TOP TEAMS: Flat 27, TheOfficers, Kaywill, Cortomuso, Ocelot, Korvus, Brainy Barbarians, Paradigm, Nomads, Team Crew Zero

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