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Bring the Community Together and Stay Active

Pamela Reif is an influencer and entrepreneur with more than 7.6 million followers on Instagram and 880 million views on Youtube, that makes Pamela Reif Germany & Europe’s most successful fitness influencer.

Pam launched the “Pam Fitness & Food App” available for both iOS & Android as well as her own food brand Naturally Pam focusing on healthy snacks.

Innovation Design is about innovative services, creative concepts and new customer experience interfaces. It focuses on addressing people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and devising a viable business strategy to derive value from this market trends.

By choosing this category you'll have the opportunity to transform and design new unique ideas and services focusing on the user needs during the pandamic time and enabling the community aspect of helping each other to stay fit and healthy.

Passionate, students or experts in: 

  • - UX & UI Designers
  • - Service Designers
  • - UX Strategist
  • - Business Strategist

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