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Fonzies: the best partner of your moments of full enjoyment!

Fonzies is a brand that has always stood out for its out-of-the-box shape and taste. When you take a Fonzies you realize that everyone is different from the other, just like us. And when you have eaten a Fonzies the ritual of enjoyment does not end, you can always lick your fingers!

We need you to develop the next Fonzies plans to fuel the brand with new ideas, being relevant to our targets and leveraging on main interests such as football, gaming, or music. Have fun!

This is the opportunity to create an activation/campaign and think about creative ideas for cross-media channels. Develop at least one creative idea for a cross-media activation (think about how ideas might work on digital channel – NO TV).

Passionate, Students or Experts in

- Communication, Marketing & Advertising,

Graphic Design & Creativity

- Art & Illustration.

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